Once you hop on Woodster it’s like getting all cuddly in your favourite armchair. It only takes a few meters of riding it to know that when its designer Iztok Mohoričnamed it ”cruiser”, he couldn’t have picked a more suitable thing to say. Woodster’s ergonomic shape and shock absorbing design makes you sit in the right position. Your spine will never know you’ve just made 15 kilometers on that bike. Or even more.

Despite the wooden frame is hollow, it’s not as light as it may appear. An attractive bicycle basket at the front is a nice touch, complementing the stylish overall look of the city charmer, but is not large enough to play host to a bag or a purse. Therefore, it is advisable to have all your personal belongings put in a rucksack, while the basket is used to carry fruit or flowers from the market.  Or perhaps your favourite book?

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Foto: Saša Kapetanovič