One thing is certain. No matter how badly you feel, all is about to change once you sit behind the wheel of a Twizy and drive off to say hello to the city streets.

 The people you pass will smile at you, wave at you and keep asking you what the heck is this thing supposed to be. And yes, they will even ask you to pose for a photograph. If you don’t like this kind of attention, better forget all about Twizy. Because with Twizy, despite it being so small, you can’t go unobserved. It’s quite the opposite, actually – precisely because of its size and because it is so noticeable looks-wise, Twizy will turn people’s heads.
Women and Twizy – what a perfect combination. No parking issues, no thinking about whether it’s been locked or not, because it doesn’t need to be locked in the first place – it has no windows (some don’t even have doors). And because women traditionally pay a lot of attention to detail and have no particular wish to own the exact same kind of car as the neighbour does, one of many Twizy’s advantages comes in the form of putting it together exactly the way you like it. You can custom-make it and proudly own a car, knowing it literally is like no other. The only imperfection it has is the lack of space – you can’t pack big, nor can you bring several pairs of your favourite spare shoes to leave in the car. Well, maybe, if the main cubby – a 31-litre box behind the rear seat – which is fiddly to open and tricky to access, is empty. Otherwise you have to drag all your stuff with you, everywhere you go, forcing you to only pack the bare necessities. And then the fun begins!